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About This Book [Table of Contents] Chapter 2: Beginning Adaptive Server Configuration

Configuring Adaptive Server Enterprise for Digital Alpha NT

[-] Chapter 1: Overview of Adaptive Server Enterprise

Chapter 1

Overview of Adaptive Server Enterprise

Adaptive Server Enterprise for Digital Alpha Windows NT is a full-featured Adaptive Server that runs under the Windows NT operating system in the Digital Alpha environment.

This chapter gives an overview of how to configure Adaptive Server to run on Digital Alpha NT and the steps you need to take to customize it for your use.

Topics covered are:

About Adaptive Server

Adaptive Server performs data management and transaction functions, independent of client applications and user interface functions.

Adaptive Server also:

Adaptive Server uses auxiliary programs to perform dedicated tasks:

System-Specific Issues

Adaptive Server runs on a variety of hardware and operating system platforms. System-specific issues do not affect the basic functionality of Adaptive Server, but there are differences among platform implementations. These differences may include:

System-specific issues are described in this document. For more information, see Installing Adaptive Server for Digital Alpha Windows NT.

New Functionality in Adaptive Server Enterprise Version 11.5.1

Adaptive Server 11.5.1 provides the following new functionality:

Support for High-Availability Products

Adaptive Server is compatible with high-availability packages for several platforms and operating systems, such as the Compaq On-Line Recovery Server.

You can access the configuration procedures for these high-availability packages from the Sybase World Wide Web site.

To view the high-availability setup procedures:

  1. Use a Web browser to access the Sybase World Wide Web site at the following address:

  2. Click the Technical Support button.

  3. Navigate to the Technical Information Library.

  4. Type "High Availability" in the Search utility, and click Search.

The Search utility generates a list of titles for Technical Notes that contain high-availability configuration procedures. See the titles that include "Configuring Sybase SQL Server for High Availability" and a reference to Windows NT.

Languages Other Than U.S. English

Many of the configuration tasks described in this manual require the use of the Server Config utility.

If you are running Server Config in a language other than U.S. English, make sure that any input you provide uses a character set that is supported by the us_english character set.

Note: The us_english character set does not support accent marks, such as tildes (~) and umlauts (). This prevents Server Config from supporting the character sets that use these characters.

For more information about languages, character sets, and sort orders, see Chapter 5, "Customizing Localization for Adaptive Server.".

About This Book [Table of Contents] Chapter 2: Beginning Adaptive Server Configuration