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Preface [Table of Contents] Chapter 2: Operating System Setup

System Administration Guide Supplement for OS/2

[-] Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 1


About SQL Server

SYBASE SQL Server handles all data management and transaction functions, independent of client applications and user interface functions. SQL Server manages multiple databases and multiple users, keeps track of the actual location of data on disks, maintains mapping of logical data description to physical data storage, and maintains data and procedure caches in memory.

About System-Specific Issues

SYBASE SQL Server runs on a variety of hardware and operating system platforms. System-specific issues do not affect the basic functionality of SQL Server, but there are differences among platform implementations. These differences may include:

System-specific issues are described in this document. Make sure you have the System Administration Guide Supplement for your platform.

How to Get Started

Install or upgrade your SYBASE SQL Server by referring to the SYBASE SQL Server Installation Guide for OS/2 and the Release Bulletin . Use this document along with the System Administration Guide . Consult with your operating system administrator as needed for assistance with operating system troubleshooting and configuration.

What's Next?

Chapter 2 describes operating system issues that you must consider in order to run SQL Server.

Preface [Table of Contents] Chapter 2: Operating System Setup