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New Installation and Upgrade Utility [Table of Contents] Backup/Space Management

What's New in SYBASE SQL Server Release 10.0?

[-] Chapter 1: New Features in SQL Server Release 10.0
[-] Addition to System Databases

Addition to System Databases

Release 1 0.0 provides many new features, including more than 25 new system procedures. In addition, the Catalog Stored procedures (formerly installed separately) are now included in the default installation procedures. The space requirements for the new system tables and system procedures would nearly double the size requirement for the master database. Since master must reside entirely on a single device, many customers would face serious problems (in some cases requiring disk repartitioning and moving master ).

Release 10.0 solves this problem by removing the largest space users from master in a way that is transparent to ordinary users of SQL Server and requires a minimum of work for the System Administrator who upgrades SQL Server.

In Release 10.0, the SYBASE system procedures are stored in a new database called sybsystemprocs , rather than in the master database. When your installation or upgrade is complete, Sybase system procedures reside in the new database. Special search routines for executing any procedure name beginning with "sp_" allow SQL Server to locate the system procedures, even if the procedure call is fully qualified with the database name "master". For example, master..sp_who finds the procedure.

Benefits of Moving System Procedures

The new structure provides several benefits:

The Upgrade Process

When you upgrade an existing SQL Server or install a new SQL Server, you specify the device where you want to install sybsystemprocs. sybinit creates the device. For upgrades, it drops all existing SYBASE system procedures from master without affecting any user-created procedures stored in master .

If necessary, the upgrade processes increases the number of open databases allowed on your SQL Server.

See Chapter 2 of this manual for information on moving your local procedures from master to sybsystemprocs , and other system administration information relating to this change.

New Installation and Upgrade Utility [Table of Contents] Backup/Space Management