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Part 1  Introduction to SQL Remote [Table of Contents] Chapter 2:  SQL Remote Replication Concepts

Data Replication with SQL Remote

[-] Part 1 Introduction to SQL Remote
[-] Chapter 1: Welcome to SQL Remote

Chapter 1

Welcome to SQL Remote

About this chapter

This chapter introduces SQL Remote and the documentation.

About SQL Remote

SQL Remote is a data-replication technology designed for two-way replication between a consolidated data server and large numbers of remote databases, typically including many mobile databases.

SQL Remote replication is message based, and requires no direct server-to-server connection. An occasional dial-up or e-mail link is sufficient.

Administration and resource requirements at the remote sites are minimal. The time lag between the consolidated and remote databases is configurable, and can range from minutes to hours or days.

Sybase SQL Remote technology is provided in two forms:

This book describes both of these technologies.

In a SQL Remote installation, you must have properly licensed SQL Remote software at each participating database.

For a detailed introduction to SQL Remote concepts and features, see SQL Remote Replication Concepts .

For a list of supported operating systems and message links, see Supported Platforms and Message Links .

About this manual

This manual describes how to design, build, and maintain SQL Remote installations.

The manual includes the following parts.

Platforms and products covered by this manual

This documentation applies to all supported platforms of SQL Remote. Not all features are available on all platforms. The operating systems and features you are entitled to use depends on the product you have purchased and your license agreement.

Available formats

The contents of this manual are provided online and in print. In some cases, the print documentation must be purchased separately.

Online documentation most current

The online documentation contains the most current information about SQL Remote. It is more authoritative than the printed manual.

Product installation

This section describes installation of SQL Remote for Adaptive Server Enterprise. If you obtained SQL Remote as part of another product, consult the installation instructions for the product you purchased.

To install the SQL Remote software for PC's:

Insert the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.

If the installation program does not start automatically, start the setup application on the CD-ROM.

Follow the instructions in the installation program.

To install the SQL Remote software for UNIX:

Consult the instructions for your operating system in the Adaptive Server Anywhere Read Me First booklet.

If you are using SQL Remote for Adaptive Server Enterprise, you must install SQL Remote into any database you wish to replicate. For information about installing SQL Remote into a database, see Setting Up SQL Remote .

New features in version 6.0.3

In addition to bug fixes, SQL Remote version 6.0.3 includes the following new features. Features in Adaptive Server Anywhere that are particularly relevant to SQL Remote are also included in this list:

Behavior changes

The following behavior has changed in version 6.0.3:

Upgrade issues

You can use the version 6.0.3 software with your existing databases.

You must upgrade Adaptive Server Anywhere databases to version 6.0.3 of the software if you wish to take advantage of storing of message link parameters in the database, or if you wish to use the datetime replication options. You must upgrade the SQL Remote tables in your Adaptive Server Enterprise database to be able to use these features.

For information on upgrading Adaptive Server Anywhere databases, see ALTER DATABASE statement , or The Upgrade utility .

For information on upgrading Adaptive Server Enterprise databases, see Upgrading SQL Remote for Adaptive Server Enterprise .

New features in version 6.0.2

In addition to bug fixes, SQL Remote version 6.0.2 includes the following new features:

Part 1  Introduction to SQL Remote [Table of Contents] Chapter 2:  SQL Remote Replication Concepts