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UltraLite Developer's Guide [Table of Contents] Chapter 1:  About UltraLite

Ultralite Developer's Guide

[-] About This Book

About This Book

About This Manual


This manual describes the UltraLite technology for Adaptive Server Anywhere. UltraLite allows you to deploy database applications to small or mobile embedded devices, such as devices running the Palm Computing Platform or Windows CE.

MobiLink synchronization technology is a key part of UltraLite, and is also described in this manual.


This manual is intended for all application developers writing programs that use the UltraLite deployment option. Familiarity with relational databases and Adaptive Server Anywhere is assumed.

Adaptive Server Anywhere documentation

Online documentation is most current

Adaptive Server Anywhere online documentation is updated with each maintenance release, and is up to date. Printed documentation is not necessarily updated with each maintenance release.

The Adaptive Server Anywhere documentation consists of the following books:

The format of these books (printed or online) may depend on the product in which you obtained Adaptive Server Anywhere.

Depending on which package you have purchased, you may have additional books describing other components of your product.

Documentation conventions

This section lists the typographic and graphical conventions used in this documentation.

Syntax conventions

The following conventions are used in the SQL syntax descriptions:

Graphic icons

The following icons are used in this documentation:




A client application.


A database server, such as Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere or Adaptive Server Enterprise.


An Adaptive Server Anywhere database server.


A SQL Remote Message Agent


A Sybase Replication Server.


A Replication Agent. A replication agent is required for a database to act as a primary data site in Sybase Replication Server installations.

The sample application

CustDB is a simple sales-status application. It is located in the UltraLite samples directory of your installation. Generic files are located in the CustDB directory. Files specific to the Palm Computing Platform are located in the palm subdirectory of CustDB, those specific to Windows CE are in the vc6\CECustDB directory, and those for a Windows console version are stored in vc6\NTCustDB.

This application and its associated database are used many times throughout the documentation.

The following figure shows the tables in the CustDB database and how they are related to each other.


The database schema is described in the file CustDB.sql, also located in the CustDB directory.

For information on building the sample application for the Palm Computing Platform, see Building the CustDB sample application .

For information on building the sample application for Windows CE, see Building the CustDB sample application .

UltraLite Developer's Guide [Table of Contents] Chapter 1:  About UltraLite