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About This Book [Table of Contents] Chapter 2 Configuring

the Informix Access Service Library

Access Service User's Guide

[-] Chapter 1 Introducing DirectConnect for Informix

Chapter 1

Introducing DirectConnect for Informix

This chapter introduces basic DirectConnect concepts and outlines the globalization process.

This chapter covers the following topics:

DirectConnect for Informix is a component of the Enterprise Connect Data Access IPS, which consists of components that provide access to distributed data. For more information about the Enterprise Connect Data Access IPS, see the Overview Guide for the Enterprise Connect Data Access IPS.

DirectConnect for Informix overview

DirectConnect for Informix is a Sybase product that provides basic connectivity to non-Sybase data sources. In particular, it provides access management, copy management, and remote systems management.

DirectConnect for Informix consists of a DirectConnect Server, DirectConnect for Informix Service Libraries, and DirectConnect for Informix Services.

The DirectConnect server

The DirectConnect Server routes incoming client requests and provides a set of support functions that includes logging, tracing, and message handling. You can use it to add and delete services, configure service properties, and manage other features.

The server is designed to operate with a variety of related products, including:

DirectConnect for Informix service libraries

Each DirectConnect for Informix Service Library provides a specific function. The server provides the framework within which the service libraries operate.

A service library is defined by:

Many named service libraries are available through DirectConnect for Informix, including the following:

DirectConnect for Informix services

A service is the pairing of a service library and a set of specific configuration properties. Within each service library is a collection of configuration sets containing properties that define how each service behaves.

The following rules define the relationship between service libraries and services:

Using DirectConnect for Informix

Each access service library accesses data from a particular target database. The DirectConnect for Informix Access Service Library accesses Informix data. It consists of one or more access services that are specific sets of configuration properties.

The access service does the following:

When a client connects, the access service logs into the Informix database target using the client user ID and password, plus the data source name.

Configuring DirectConnect for Informix properties

You can configure DirectConnect for Informix properties on the server level, the service library level, or the individual service level. To help you do this, configuration properties are grouped as follows:

When you install a DirectConnect Server, the default configurations allow the server to run. Typically you have to configure some properties that define the connectivity to your target database system. For information on configuring the DirectConnect Server, see the DirectConnect Server Administration Guide.

You can enable and disable services through configuration.

You can configure properties with a text editor or with DirectConnect Manager.

Routing service requests

The DirectConnect Server routes each client request for a service to the appropriate service library. The routing process takes one of two forms:

For information on service name redirection and examples of how it works, see the DirectConnect Server Administration Guide.


Globalization consists of internationalization and localization of messages.


Internationalization consists of character codeset conversion and cultural formatting.

Codeset conversion is converting the hexadecimal representation of a character from a codeset in a target database to a codeset in a client application or the reverse. DirectConnect for Informix provides a translator dynamic link library for codeset conversion.

Cultural formatting concerns designating decimal separators, monetary signs, date and time separators, and a three-digit grouping symbol. Cultural formatting in DirectConnect for Informix is performed through the use of configuration properties.

Supported Character sets

The Sybase Unilib Library supports the following character sets:

Supported Date and Time formats

To facilitate internationalization, the access service can be set to return dates and time in any one of the following formats:

Codeset conversion

Two configuration properties control whether the DirectConnect for Informix supplied Sybase unilib translation library is loaded. The choices are as follows:

For information about the DefaultClientCodeset and DefaultTargetCodeset configuration properties, see Chapter 2, "Configuring the Informix Access Service Library"


Two sets of messages can be localized:

The target database manager can be any application between DirectConnect for Informix and the target data file.

Database manager messages are not localized by DirectConnect for Informix. For information on how to set up localization of such messages, see your database manager documentation.

About This Book [Table of Contents] Chapter 2 Configuring

the Informix Access Service Library