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Enterprise Event Broker Installation Guide

[-] Chapter 1 Overview

Chapter 1


Introducing Enterprise Event Broker

Enterprise Event Broker provides a collection of components that can import messages from an outside source--such as a database, application, or messaging system--convert the message to an enterprise business event, route the event through a series of event processors to act upon the event, and deliver the event to a destination. The components can also act upon local business events and export messages to an outside source.

With this release, Enterprise Event Broker runs as a service of Jaguar CTS(TM). This enables you to integrate Enterprise Event Broker components into your Enterprise Application Server (EAServer) configuration to provide messaging between components (such as Adaptive ServerŪ, Replication ServerŪ, TIB/Rendezvous Professional, IBM MQSeries, and other messaging or third-party systems).

The names Jaguar and EAServer are used interchangeably to refer to the application server.

Planning your installation

You must install EAServer to use Enterprise Event Broker. EAServer, Enterprise Event Broker, and jConnect(TM) for JDBC(TM) are included on the installation CD. Adaptive Server Enterprise and Replication Server are included on separate CDs; check the component release bulletins and installation guides for additional information about installing Adaptive Server Enterprise and Replication Server. Keep in mind the following guidelines:

If you are upgrading from SEEB 1.0 to SEEB 2.0, you can transfer your flowspaces to the SEEB 2.0 directory structure (see "Upgrading from SEEB 1.0 to 2.0"). However, flowspaces developed under SEEB 1.0 are limited to version 1.0 functionality.

Using the Studio Installer

The Studio Installer is the Java-based installation utility with a graphical user interface that creates the target installation directory (if necessary), sets Sybase environment variables, collects licensing certificate information, and performs the basic configuration.

The Studio Installer's configuration utility gathers information for the initial configuration of EAServer and Enterprise Event Broker. After installation, you need to complete several additional tasks to complete the configuration.

About This Book [Table of Contents] Chapter 2 Installation