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Installation Guide [Table of Contents] Chapter 1 Migrating to Adapter for
SAP R/3 Version 3.9

Installation Guide New Era of Networks Adapter for SAP R/3 3.9

[-] About This Book

About This Book


The primary user of this document is the system administrator who is responsible for the installation and configuration of the server used for New Era of Networks Adapter for SAP R/3 (Adapter for SAP R/3).

How to use this book

This document describes how to install Adapter for SAP R/3. These instructions provide information for both a new and an upgrade installation. For a concurrent installation, contact technical support.

The guide is organized into the following chapters:

Related documents

This section describes the available documentation for Adapter for SAP R/3.

Cross-Platform Documentation

The following documentation comprises the Adapter for SAP R/3 documentation set:

Related Documentation

The following open transport documents and sample configuration files are referenced in this document set to supply you with specific information that supports this product:

Other related documentation is available from New Era of Networks and Sybase. Refer to documentation from each of these companies for more detail about use of applications relevant to this product.

Other sources of information

Use the Sybase Technical Library CD and the Technical Library Product Manuals web site to learn more about your product:

Sybase EBFs and software updates

Finding the latest information on EBFs and software updates
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  2. Select EBFs/Updates. Enter user name and password information, if prompted (for existing web accounts) or create a new account (a free service).

  3. Select a product.

  4. Specify a time frame and click Go.

  5. Click the Info icon to display the EBF/Update report, or click the product description to download the software.

Creating a personalized view of the Sybase web site (including support pages)

Set up a MySybase profile. MySybase is a free service that allows you to create a personalized view of Sybase web pages.

  1. Point your web browser to Technical Documents .

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myCounter variable



User Guide

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  • Book titles


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"About This Book"

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create table

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Click Apply.

GUI field or button name that is the recipient of a procedural action.

If you need help

Each Sybase installation that has purchased a support contract has one or more designated people who are authorized to contact Sybase Technical Support. If you cannot resolve a problem using the manuals or online help, please have the designated person contact Sybase Technical Support or the Sybase subsidiary in your area.

For more information on Support Services, education, and consulting services, refer to the Customer Services Reference Guide.

Installation Guide [Table of Contents] Chapter 1 Migrating to Adapter for
SAP R/3 Version 3.9